Reputation Management

On July 22, 2012


Our idea of reputation management is a labor intensive process.  Having an effective and successful approach is time-consuming and cannot show proof of success overnight.  It typically takes three-six months for progress to be seen. Our social media efforts to help our clients reach success include but are not limited to:

  • Social networking – Utilizing social networking sites to gain a positive reputation, brand awareness and increasing numbers of followers, friends, fans & clients.
  • Blogging – Brand related blogs that are updated daily
  • Directory listings – Listing a website in directories using optimized keywords
  • Direct reviews – Outsourcing or encouraging clients to write good reviews of the company on websites
  • Online publicity – Syndicated article writing, links, and banners
  • Online Profiles –  Keeping online profiles and pictures current and up-to-date

We take our client’s reputations seriously.  Whether it’s a larger company who wants to self-promote, or a newly established company eager to get in the game and raise their client list, SoGlam Media can help customize a game plan to satisfy the needs of each client’s reputation by using the three guidelines below:

  • Building – If a positive reputation is not already in place, building the reputation for a business that is just getting started must and will be done as a part of the client’s customized contract.
  • Maintenance – Keeping a company’s good image ahead of the rest can only be done with effective maintenance. This is best for companies that have a good reputation already established.
  • Recovery – If by chance your business has gotten a bad reputation for any reason, then we will take your business into recovery mode and will work at bringing your company’s reputation to positive levels through good marketing, online relationships and self promotion.

Once hiring us for reputation oversight, know that every plan set in place will be unique to the needs of each brand.  Give the efforts time to evolve and be patient when waiting for change.  Change will occur and we won’t stop until your reputation is at a positive state not to mention one that is helping your business thrive.

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